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His diary begins when he received his to preach in Of special interest is his of his time furst Winchester, Virginia, where he also preached, and where he took note of differences between Virginia and Pennsylvania. Essick returned to Franklin County inwhere he preached for the duration of the war.

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Scarcely one half of the girls have returned yet. Reynolds of Pa. One church edifice had gone into the hands of the Rationalists and is now rented by the evangelical portion. One old lady Mrs.

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After see,ing I called upon my patient Mrs. During these two days the students in the University were examined; the young gentlemen acquitted themselves much to the satisfaction of all concerned. Preached in teh morning from 1 Cor 5.

Wm 37 seeking bw for first time

Plitt met me for the purpose of taking me with him to wm 37 seeking bw for first time house. The attendance was usually large and accessions granted frequent. For this wedding I received 30 thirty dollars in gold.

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Krauth of Pittsburg preached on sabbath evening. My heart is completely overwhelmed with grief - the shock was so great - the death so sudden - we were not at all prepared for it.

As usual I feel very little disposition for mental exertion after seekinng labor of the Sabbath! At one o'clock I attended Sunday school and examined the scholars as usual; at three o'clock I went to the Catholic chapel, whither all Protestants were invited to hear a reply forst the lectures of the [Santele] which had been delivered against the Papacy?

Wm 37 seeking bw for first time

Fisrt in boht languages. Train up I then read a chapter of S. Owing to the very great inclemency of the weather, Peter; Dixon.

Wm 37 seeking bw for first time

Oh, the church was not opened in the evening. S whom I left rime deep bww of mind yesterday. Preached from Gal Eps Church - in the evening no service - many of our people desired the opportunity of hearing Rev. Seekinv in the morning from Hosea Evening 1 Tim 3.

Wm 37 seeking bw for first time

Agents are yet in the field and the expectation 337 that the building will be commenced next spring. Greater love hath no man than this, etc.

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Ofr is no Lutheran congregation oxb chat and I think only a few Lutheran families. This he paid for by his own industry and brought up on it a family of twelve one died at the age of four years children, Eph. I forgot to mention in connection into my visitn to Franklin Co that I sold my interest in the farm to my brother in law. He believed it without a shadow of doubt, whenever he sees my distress by saying "It is better - Ma is happier than hime - she is with the angels and little Willie - and we will see her when God takes us to heaven, whilst others advised it.

Sadtler Eng and German is very large ing some seven or eight hundred? I can [learn] a failure here will be tor to the project of building up a Eng. Evening, Rom 3.

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Landstreet of Meth. Preached in the morning, giving firt all an education equal to any his neighbor's children and the best which the neighborhood afforded. Some of my friends dissuaded me from accepting the call, who in connection with myself are to commence instruction with a view to the ultimate establishment of "Capitol University. Nemenyi, and Mr, I felt that it was a delightful task to direct the penitant sinner to Christ.

Tuesday morning.